Corporate Events 

AllPhotosNI  are available to attend all events in Uk & Ireland.


We are also available for Commercial  & Corporate Events!


We use & specialise in Greenscreen Technology which enables us to tailor make a package that suits any theme. Should that be be a movie theme, a disco theme, Oscar awards theme, new catalogue... the list and possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination!


We can include and overlay each picture with logos and / or sales messages and even your very own QR code (an instant &  permanent link to your site and business which they will never throw away because its a picture of them, their family, partner, kids etc)


** Now  includes Unlimited   free prints! **


* 9-10 people can get in each pic

* Includes Actual Professional Photographers (Not a machine) 

* Professional Studio Lighting

* Greenscreen Technology

* All Props

* Instant  Printing on night with photos to take away!

* Unlimited free  6x4 Prints

Available for All  Private Events! 

Weddings, Birthdays, Engagements, Corporate etc -

​Get your pic done as many times as you want :-)

Event Photography Deposit £85 per hour


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