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COVID-19  Information

We will be adhering to these conditions for all bookings


We Sterilise all areas!


We steam fog clean with medical grade disinfectant all areas, floors, walls, doors, props, equipment etc after every Photoshoot!

 **** COVID -19 Precautions **** 

We take precautions to protect us and you

* Groups are limited

Ideally 5 people only = 2 Adults & 3 Child   Also, to accommodate single parent families, if only one parent attending then ONE adult friend or relative can accompany with that single parent

 We always wash & sanitise

The whole studio with hospital grade disinfectant before and after all photoshoots

 We will ask  that you sanitise your hands

We will require that you use our alcohol based gel or liquid sanitiser when you arrive.

* Balance must be prepaid in full online-

Any monies owed must be prepaid 24 hours before your appointment, you can use the  link below to pay one day before your appointment to pay by card or paypal -  



Your balance owed is in your booking confirmation email:  


Payment can be done via this link

* Please leave all belongings in your car

 Only bring anything that will be used in your photoshoot... Please leave any other items in your car, this includes car seats, buggies, coats, scarfs,bags etc.  Bring only the minimum e.g You may bring baby changing bag with bottles, nappies, wipes etc

Please DO NOT bring anyone to spectate,

Only those in photoshoot are permitted. Unfortunately  spectators, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc are NOT permitted. ....



Distance Maintaining : We will maintain a safe distance

Throughout the photoshoot. We will verbally & visually be directing you with poses etc which we can do easily with our vast years of experience, however as a last resort there may be moments that we need to physically pose you or readjust a pose that will require the need to be near you, we will wear clear face shields if we do approach. Any approach would only be momentarily and only as a last resort if we cannot direct you to a pose instead . However this depends on your preference, if you feel more comfortable that we do not approach and instead continue to maintain distance then that's fine, we can do another pose verbally & visually.

* Cold or flu symptoms, DO NOT COME!

If you have or anyone has any  please contact us to reschedule free of charge

In conclusion:

Please don't worry. These precautions may seem a lot individually, but when you put them altogether, they really aren't a lot as we always clean between photoshoots etc anyway, we just use stronger stuff.


In reality we are just being a little extra careful and we will continue to strive to give you the best and fun photoshoot that many many customers have experienced from us over the years and to date.


We look forward to seeing you soon! .... Stay Safe!

Any Questions?

Please Contact us 

Click HERE

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