All Booking Terms & Conditions


GDPR Compliance

Due To The Recent GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation), I Am Obliged To Make You Aware That Any Information You Share With Me Is For My Eyes Only & Any Information You Have Given On Client Cards/ Forms Is Stored Safely & Only Accessible By Me. No Information Is Passed Or Sold On To Any Third Parties. You Are In Your Right To Access, Change Or Destroy Any Information I Hold On Yourself At Any Time. Any Data That We Do Hold Regarding You Will Be Stored For Up to 3 Years And Then Destroyed.


Michael McGrogan



 **** COVID -19 Booking Terms **** 

We take precautions to protect us and you

* Groups are limited

Ideally 5 people only = 2 Adults & 3 Child   Also, to accommodate single parent families, if only one parent attending then ONE adult friend or relative can accompany with that single parent

*  We always wash & sanitise

The whole studio with hospital grade disinfectant before and after all photoshoots

*  We will ask  that you sanitise your hands

We will require that you use our alcohol based gel or liquid sanitiser when you arrive.

Balance must be prepaid in full online-

Any monies owed must be prepaid 24 hours before your appointment, you can use the  link below to pay one day before your appointment to pay by card or paypal -  



Your balance owed is in your booking confirmation email:  


Payment can be done via this link

Please leave all belongings in your car

 Only bring anything that will be used in your photoshoot... Please leave any other items in your car, this includes car seats, buggies, coats, scarfs,bags etc.  Bring only the minimum e.g You may bring baby changing bag with bottles, nappies, wipes etc

Please DO NOT bring anyone to spectate,

Only those in photoshoot are permitted. Unfortunately  spectators, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc are NOT permitted. ....



Distance Maintaining : We will maintain a safe distance

Throughout the photoshoot. We will verbally & visually be directing you with poses etc which we can do easily with our vast years of experience, however as a last resort there may be moments that we need to physically pose you or readjust a pose that will require the need to be near you, we will wear clear face shields if we do approach. Any approach would only be momentarily and only as a last resort if we cannot direct you to a pose instead . However this depends on your preference, if you feel more comfortable that we do not approach and instead continue to maintain distance then that's fine, we can do another pose verbally & visually.

* Cold or flu symptoms, DO NOT COME!

If you have or anyone has any  please contact us to reschedule free of charge

In conclusion:

Please don't worry. These precautions may seem a lot individually, but when you put them altogether, they really aren't a lot as we always clean between photoshoots etc anyway, we just use stronger stuff.


In reality we are just being a little extra careful and we will continue to strive to give you the best and fun photoshoot that many many customers have experienced from us over the years and to date.


We look forward to seeing you soon! .... Stay Safe!

COVID - 19

Deposits & Balances

Deposits are required to secure any booking, event or package.

No booking should be regarded as booked unless deposit is paid - NO EXCEPTION

All Deposits are non refundable... NO EXCEPTION,

A booking may be rescheduled if the required 48 hours notice is given after this time period a fee is required to reschedule


No Deposits can be transferred to a third party

Any Balance owed for wedding , christening or event / photobooth photography MUST be paid in full no later than 7 days before event date, failure to do so terminates the contract / booking and no monies are refundable anyway , this means we will not attend.


Any Studio booking or home booking requires any balances owed to be prepaid at least 24 hours before commencement of photoshoot via our website link by Debit / Credit Card or Paypal. We no longer accept cash..

Failing to pay balance on time may lead to termination of booking at any time after without liability by us and without any reimbursement of deposit . A NO SHOW fee will be also be required to pay.





 Some Simple rules - These terms are very simple and uncomplicated.


1. We would require access to all areas, competitors , entrants, delegates, participants and spectators.

2. The event photos cannot be a private album, it must be able to be accessed on this site for everyone.

3. We must be able to distribute our business cards to all competitors , entrants, delegates, participants and spectators.

4. Although we will respond positively to all photo requests. We must also be able to work at our own discretion and pace, completely unhindered in any shape or form.

5. We reserve the right to use without payment or reward all / any images taken by us for advertising and promotion purposes and it is the event organisers responsibility to inform those attending or participating in any capacity without limitation as e.g entrants, spectators etc etc that their attendance means their acceptance of this right.

6. All images will stay available on this site until we feel if and when it is neccessary to archive or remove it.

7. We should be regarded as the official photographers for the event:-

Whilst we appreciate that people, typically in any social gathering, will want to take photos amongst their own groups of friends -thats fine - to a degree. However, as events have commercial value to us through photo sales, no other photographer, amatuer, professional or otherwise should be permitted to photograph the event in part or in full in such a way that would be regarded by us as having a negative impact on photo sales.

8. Any / All Events & Formals must have 60 or more attendees

These apply to paid and non paid events including Events & School Formals


Any booking constitutes acceptance of these terms & conditions

To confirm your formal / event date a refundable deposit is now required - to pay deposit please click the book now button


Once paid, we will confirm booking. This deposit is only refundable after the formal/ event. Should the formal / event be cancelled for any reason whatsoever, deposit is not refundable

All Further General Terms & Accounts

Terms & Conditions for all Account Holders & Portrait Customers

1. All portraits must be paid in full before delivery.Delivery will be 7-14 days after last payment  
2. We cannot garauntee an exact match on frames or colours of clothes.
3. Frames: Alternatives may be given due to low or expired stock 
4. Any order accepted will be accepted on the basis or as close to the order form as possible. No employee, agent or otherwise has the right or authority to promise or guarantee anything other than the order form, unless agreed, amended and signed by management.                                               

5. Cancellations must be received in writing within 7 days, £40 cancellation fee per portrait applies   

5a. 48 Hour RESCHEDULING POLICY - To reschedule an appoint at least 48 hours notice must be given. If appointment cancelled less than 48 hours, this represents a loss to us as we cannot fill this reserved booking slot at such short notice. To compensate we charge £20 to reschedule. A further booking cannot be made until this reschedule fee is paid. There are no exclusions ,exceptions or special circumstances that would be exempt to this.

6. Refunds will not be accepted due to the custom nature of the product & photo session 
7. Deposit is non- refundable as it books your slot, we cannot replace this slot if you change or cancel. Must be paid before photo session date. 
Default fee: A £10 charge will be applied every time a payment fails or an incomplete payment occurs up to a maximum of £40.00, after which an order will be required to be paid in full only. Full retail price of order will be required. Discount & offer may be removed. TERMINATION:In the case of we terminate an account you have 3 months from date of termination to completed payment, failure to do this cancels agreement and any monies paid and no refunds apply. We may also delete any images that we have of the shoot.
9. Delivery: Delivery is £10 unless FREE DELIVERY is stated on offer or deal, however free delivery will be removed and replaced with a £10 charge if payments exceed completion time.

 Courier Delivery: Our courier will leave a card if you are not at home. It is customer responsibility to rearrange delivery with courier 
Our Delivery: We will deliver to a neighbour if no one is at home & we will inform you of the address that accepts the delivery. 
10. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or change appointment dates / times at any time 
11. Appointment times are approximate and may take place within 60 mins of allocated time due to logistics in travelling, setting up etc 
12.An order is accepted only in line with these terms & conditions. These can also be found via 
13. I have a copy of this order / agreement / contract 
14. Weekly Payments. All payments must be consecutive or charges will apply, see 8.) charges / fees. Any missed or incomplete payments for any reason may result in you being removed from the scheme at any time and full payment required 
15. We reserve the right to cancel weekly payments at any time and require full payment 
16. Arrears Should a portrait/s fall into arrears, we reserve the right to remove discounted price and any special offer & charge current normal price

17. Photo release - It is agreed that all images are the property of all photos agency and consent is given for use in advertising and display both commercial and editorial usage 

18. Payment Cards: Lost, Stolen or Damaged cards are charged at £10 per replacement.We are not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for refunds of monies paid or cancellation of order caused by failures or changes made to cards etc by the card company. This is beyond our control 
All enquiries/ issues / complaints regarding cards must be addressed by you personally to the card company direct in line with data protection act

     All / any accounts are accepted only by agreement to these terms & conditions.

Reschedule & Cancellation

Reschedulling :

If rescheduled before 48 hour notice period there is a charge, however that will be deducted from your balance owed.


If a reschedule occurs less than 48 hours before your shoot the amount will not be deducted from any outstanding balance and will become a fee with no reduction in balance owed.  


Cancelling Booking : 

If booking cancelled at any time after 24 hours. To compensate we charge the amount that was paid as deposit, so you lose deposit.  There are no exclusions ,exceptions or special circumstances that would be exempt to this.


All deposits are NON -REFUNDABLE for any reason no matter the time period

Collection, Deliveries & Damages & Loss

Once an order is ready, we either deliver to customers home (If included in price)  or we  inform customer of completion of order and ask that they arrange a collection appointment or to offer delivery by courier.

Delivery can be arranged by Courier delivery here...




We will request that the customer signs paperwork to confirm that the item is delivered / collected and the item is undamaged and in good order.

Should a customer fail to collect an item/s  from us within 14 days of us informing them that their item is ready, we will not be held liable for any item lost or  damaged after this time. 

Should a customer fail to keep an appointment / arrangement that has been agreed  for collection of their order a £10 fee will be required before another appointment can be given and goods handed over.

NO ONE should just turn up for a collection,an enquiry, a booking  or anything otherwise, unless they have a prior appointment. this is to ensure the smooth running of our business & personal lives and we may not be available to you... ... we ask that everyone respect this.

Copyright, Promotion & Display Purposes

ALL IMAGES ARE OWNED BY US & REMAIN OUR COPYRIGHT and should not be used for reproduction in any way whatsoever unless permission is stated by us in writing or is specifically included and stated in any offer

We may also use any image/s for display, exhibition & advertising purposes which may also include any print and / or social media platforms


Returns & Refunds  Due to the custom nature of product no returns / refunds are accepted unless an order is wrong in which case we have the right to correct

Refer a friend

Referrals & Rewards

Just some general terms below that apply to all weddings.


A deposit: is required before a booking will be accepted


Any / All Remaining balance:  is payable 14 days before wedding date. Failure to do so means that a photographer will not be assigned and will not arrive. No refund will apply. We are not liable for any failure on your behalf to not complete payment.


Changes & Mistakes: We are not liable to accept mistakes, last minute cancellations / changes to dates, times, venues or locations. If things change there may be extra charges and / or expenses that you and partner will be liable for. No refunds apply.

Travel & Also non productive hours:  e.g overnights stays (away from office ) will be chargeable at £35 per hour  for a 6-7 hour based on 8 hour day  and will be included on our quote or estimate.

EXAMPLE: Based on 2 hours booked for wedding photography, based an 8 hour day.  An example if you book us for 2 hours in cork and we have to stay overnight =  2 hours at £99 each, travelling & non productive hours £35 per hour up to 6 hours & 0.30p per mile outside belfast


Grace Time: We will give a 10 min grace time if delayed over the time booked, however once past this threshold £99 will be chargeable  for any  and every hour or part thereof, this will be  payable after wedding, but before delivery of any pics.  Because of budget, time, weather & lighting constraints, any picture requests from any guests or relatives will be directed to you or partner to approve so that guests, relatives or any third party don’t take up your time booked with us or exceed your budget with extra time . (You would be surprised how often that this can happen.)

Legally Binding: This will be a legal contract between me/us, yourself and partner for our services for the time stated, no other person/s or third party are included in this agreement  or have an input whatsoever.  Changes  to this booking may be made up to 48 hours after receipt of us agreeing / confirming your booking ,  any disputes, mistakes or changes must be raised before this time expires, after which time everything contained in this document will be accepted by both parties and legally binding. Deposit secures your booking in our diary exclusively for you and is  not refundable for any reason, without exception


Pic Requests: We will endeavour to respond positively with all pic requests from yourself and partner, no other third party. However this will also be dependent allowing for favourable weather & good lighting conditions and within the time constraints that we have. We will not be liable for any pic missed or request that we cannot fulfill.


Interference & Disruption:   Please be aware that as your professional photographer, you have contracted me / us to photograph your wedding in the best way possible as seen by myself / us, it is therefore essential that you follow our advice and as  your pictures are my / our responsibility ,  it will be solely my / our decision regarding  picture set ups, picture contents,  locations, timings, itinerary  etc, these are all solely decided by me/ us and you both agree that no other party will disrupt my / our plan in any way. Any third party be it a guest, relative or other  that impedes in any way the flow of our work may  be regarded as interference and disruptive which may result in the ending of our service  immediately there and then without liability or compensation on myself/us.

 “Force Majeure” applies to this and any and all  bookings.

Air Travel. If Applicable, We will travel anywhere within UK or Ireland or abroad. However, There will be Travel fees chargeable, we will put these on our estimate or quote. If Air travel is required, payment for such would need to be paid immediately on agreement so that we may book tickets if required. 


Accomodation: If Applicable, There will  be accomodation fees payable, not lower than 3 stars rating, we will put these on our estimate or quote. These should be paid immediately on agreement so that we may book accomodation if required. 

Please Note:

Booking is only accepted when our terms are confirmed, we reserve the right to cancel booking and issue a refund unless terms are confirmed accepted. To confirm you have read and accept our terms, please reply that this email has been received and terms accepted, within 7 days.

All Orders

Once received, all Orders including prints, digital images, artworks, reorders etc are completed on a first come first served basis and are accepted onto a list for editing, printing and framing if required. Depending on the list size and workload your order may take a number of weeks to complete, the number of weeks will be displayed on the order page. Once submitted via our online form an order cannot be changed. Once you submit an order you agree to these terms.


You can fast track an order

We may accept some orders that are urgent and required by a specific date, we can fast track outside of the normal waiting list and  the fee is £65.00 payable in advance and we would have to agree a written and signed timescale in advance. We reserve the right not to accept a fast track order if time is too short to order materials e.g frames etc

Cake Smash


But Unfortunately we no longer cater a cake for those with any food intolerances. However you are welcome to bring along your own cake. 


We have been professionally advised that for child safety reasons we wouldn't be trained or experienced to recognise a product  or ingredients that should be excluded or any that may cause a negative  reaction. In this situation we recognise that "mum knows best" by this stage which foods are safe for baby and where to obtain them.


For those that we  do cater a cake for: If Cake Smash is cancelled or rescheduled for any reason (with no exception)  A fee will be charged for another fresh cake.

Themed cake smash - Our cake smashes are NOT themed

Obviously You are welcome to bring along any themed cake or props to theme your cake smash


Silver & Bronze cake smash deals- DOES NOT include- Cake. Also NOT INCLUDED - pictures of Family, Siblings or clean up in our Rub a Dub Tub - To add these please book our GOLD Package

Twins / Costumes / Cakes - we a have a limited  but good range of costumes and props available, however this is not endless and can accommodate  single children only - we cannot facilitate same costumes for twins, triplets etc, however you are welcome to bring along your own as most parents do.

For cakes we can photograph two children e.g twins with the same cake or for an extra small fee/s we can include an extra cake/s

 On application we send you a special referral & reward code for you to share and benefit. Each time someone uses your code they get a discount, you receive a reward!     


Friend has to actually book and complete photoshoot with full payment having completed. Does not apply to any other offers , competitions. Codes must be entered correctly at checkout. Referral & Rewards amounts may fluctuate and change without notice, however any current reward and discount amounts will be available to view on our website page for this program. . No cash alternative available. A referral & Reward code cannot be combined for same person, if self referred, the current discount is only available when entered at checkout, no reward can be logged for self referral

Gift Cards / Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be used as full or part payment for all of our offers and services.


Once purchased they are non refundable no matter the reason. 


Gift vouchers MUST  be presented at studio with the original ORDER NUMBER  which serves as voucher serial number, we cannot redeem vouchers without order numbers. If order number is lost it can be found in original email of purchaser.


Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.


Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost

Competitions, Raffles, Draws

From time to time we we exhibit at shows, shopping centres and run online competitions & draws to promote our business.and highlight our profile

Any / all prizes, gifts or vouchers are subject to our terms

1. All Prizes, gifts, vouchers and bookings are subject to our availability

2. All Prizes, gifts, vouchers exclude Special Offers- unless specified

3. No Cash Alternative

4. All Prizes, gifts, vouchers are transferable only by our consent

5. We can and may use any image for display, exhibition purposes which includes and not limited to any social media platform

6. Most of our prizes are specific for promotional purposes, for example: If its a Family Prize, then at least 2 generations must be included. If its a pet prize, only a pet can be in pic etc etc. 

7. All Prizes, gifts, vouchers are studio based , unless specified otherwise

8. All Prizes, gifts, vouchers are subject to an 30 day  expiry date which is the period it must be used and may only be used after expiry date at our discretion, however this may not be possible due to any differences or fluctuations in supplier prices and /or our availiability.

9. A deposit may be required to secure any studio time, this is refundable 10-14 days later. This is to ensure that winners actually commit to turning up and prizes are not wasted which could be claimed by another winning entrant. This has happened in the past, free prizes cannot be cancelled or rescheduled unless a reschedule fee is paid. Cancelling will result in immediate loss of deposit.

10. We reserve the right to end  or terminate completely any competition, draw or raffle at any time without explanation. This may be due to but not limited to a,  change in circumstances, a lack of interest or any other reason that we may see fit.

11. All entrants in any of the above must have "LIKED" our page previously or at the time of entering, they also must have followed the rules given for entering, for example ("Share" on your own wall as a public post etc ). We reserve the right to choose another winner or terminate prize without choosing another winner should it be discovered that the criteria by a winner has not been met. 

Special Offers & Promotions

Offers and Promotions can change at any time!


Offers and promotions are dictated by market forces, for example we may have to suddenly  produce offers and discounts to combat a competitor & protect our share of the market or we may be extremely busy for a period and then experience a lull, a quiet time,  this is what dictates and triggers offers, promotions, discounts etc.... this may lead to you grabbing a super offer at the time saving on our regular prices but please be aware that another promotion could follow afterwards that may not be so good as the one that you achieved or it may be followed by a superior promotion, this is just the nature of business and as stated is dictated by these market forces, this is accepted by you when booking. Either way you have saved some money off our regular prices or gained extra product than if a promotion wasn't available.

Unless otherwise stated all offers & promotions are applicable to new bookings only as that is what they are designed to do ... to attract new bookings.


Unfortunately we cannot match your own booking with any particular new offer that comes along after you have booked, though we may compensate for it being missed by maybe adding some free extra prints to your own package, this would only apply if a better offer is offered within 7 days of you making your booking and must be requested via our contact form only


No offers or promotions can be combined  together unless this is specifically stated at the the time on the offer.


For example:  if Gift Vouchers have a discount offer on, this cannot be combined with any other offer that is current, for example a discount off cake smash. You may only use one offer, either the gift vouchers or cake smash would be chargeable at full price, you cant have both discounted

Viewing, Storing & Deleting Images Policy

Every Studio Photoshoot - Customer will receive their studio images within 24 hours via a download link to their email and / or phone. (Except any photoshoots or images won or purchased as part of any promotion, competition or discounted vouchers obtained via internet, these images will only be available to view immediately at time of photoshoot and then are only kept for 30 days and then deleted)


All images are unedited and are for the customer to make choices of which they would like to be edited and supplied as digital images or hard printed as art prints or included in an album (depending on package content purchased)


It is our policy to keep customer images on our systems for 12 months in the case of studio portraits. For weddings we will keep for 5 years.This is our contractual period and after this period any contract obligations by us to a customer ends. We may delete images to make room on our servers without notice or compensation.(Again any photoshoots or images won or purchased as part of any promotion, competition or discounted vouchers obtained via internet, these images will only be available to view immediately at time of photoshoot and then are only kept for 30 days and then deleted)

Photography & Video

For Copyright reasons, Unless with permission,  No Photography or Video is allowed during photo-shoot or Viewing. This includes any handheld device e.g phone or cameras. Any unauthorised videoing or picture taking will result in immediate termination of photoshoot or viewing without liability to us and no refunds to you will apply, Also you  may also incur a £50 fee. This applies to all photoshoots in studio or home shoots

Reproduction & Printing

Due such wide and varied colours, pigments and materials of clothing, make ups, tans, manufacturers of photographic paper, lights, ambient lighting , Photographic Inks etc, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match for any item or picture. We accept no liability for this. We will match to the best of our ability. We do not accept requests to reprint to better match a particular item or colour under any circumstance

Editing, Design & Layout

Whilst we are happy to listen to customer preferences or ideas, these are not always practical to produce, but we will endeavour to incorporate any customer ideas whenever  possible.


For all work carried out by us, it is fully agreed when booking that we have full rights for creativity & control over all editing , design and layouts throughout the process of any and all productions.

As a courtesy we are happy to provide a digital proof of any final layout before we go to print, free of charge.However any changes to our final design may be changed by client/ customer at a cost of £30 per hour or part of.


Digital proof only available if the work is paid in full, any balance outstanding would need to be paid beforehand.

Please note: Basic Editing is included free on the basis that it relates only to Cropping, Colour, Contrast, Black and White adjustments. Removal of bumps, scrapes, skin highlights is included in basic edits


Advanced Editing  e.g removing items, adding items, eyes changed and any other request outside the scope of basic editing etc are obviously more time consuming and a further fee will be required to cover our extra time for every item removed or added. This fee will be charged at £30 per hour per request and payable before commencement of the work.

Studio Reshoots

Rarely it happens, in fact less than ONE PER CENT, but sometimes, just sometimes the shoot has gone amiss, your child could be teething, they could be sick or have a really OFF day etc on their shoot day and nothing or next to nothing can be salvaged.... well don't worry!.....


We give you another go with our FREE STUDIO RESHOOT!

Hopefully we can achieve more 2nd time around!......So lets give it a go and see what we can get..... click the link below and see what slots are available!

Reshoots are at our discretion and subject to availability. We reserve the right to refuse a re-shoot or make charge if necessary. Any outstanding balance must be paid at or before original photoshoot first before a re-shoot can be provided

Photoshoot Digital Images

Unedited digital images are included with every photoshoot and client is welcome to have them edited and printed by any third party.

Any images that we edit as part of any print package that is included as part of a photoshoot deal are available at extra cost as digital copies, they are not included free. If purchased we relinquish any lifetime copyrights and transfer print entitlements to the client. The current cost and payment facility will be available in our online shop and transfers will take place after payment is cleared.