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Guidelines & Tips for your Photo-Shoot


1). Don’t rush it -Allow plenty of time! ...

Most of our photoshoots including viewing last 60 - 90 mins. There could also be a short wait as we may be finishing a photoshoot for someone else.  Please don’t try and fit it in some other activity with the photoshoot that is time specific. Instead book another date that you are free.


2). Informal or Formal-

Chat among yourselves before you get here and ask … Is it going to be a formal or a casual portrait?  Is it going be Colour or Black & White?


3). Clothes -

You may be asked to kneel, stand, sit or go on your tummy in any, some or all of the pictures that we take, so please…

Wear something comfortable

Avoid short skirts

Avoid revealing tops

Avoid stripes

Avoid All white or all dark clothes… unless that is exactly the look that you want

Avoid any clothes that can be dated

Avoid extreme colours, prints or logos


4). Babies

Make sure that they have had a sleep and are awake at least an hour before their shoot

Make sure they are fed and watered :-)

Bring along any favourite toy or security blanket

Be prepared for their toys to be included in pictures

Tell Photographer at start if baby isnt a smiler (Not all babies are)

Babies can change so quickly, We always try for smiles throughout the session, we are successful most times, however its not always possible to get a smile no matter how hard we try, so we start photographing EVERYTHING (no matter if they dont smile) its better to have no smile than "tears" A smile later in the shoot may be a bonus

5.) Make up :  Ladies... & Gents!, .. please go easy on the make up, remember you want to look natural and blend nicely with whoever else is in your shoot.

6). Relax, we are just normal people, down to earth and up for a laugh... we hope you are too, its meant to be fun!


7). DONT WORRY ... WE EDIT :-)

As professional photographers we edit any final finished pictures before being presented to you the customer to take home. … even if your only just a young 9 months or 90 years! ....


This includes editing away skin blemishes, scars, bumps, scrapes, pimples, acney, dummy rashes and where appropriate we subtly soften lines and wrinkles to make all adults & children look their very best.


We may also lighten or shade and darken areas where we think appropriate to show everyone at their best


FINALLY.... RELAX, HAVE FUN & ENJOY the experience!!

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